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A Lifelong Love of Learning

Goal 2: A Deep Respect for intellectual values

At the Academy of the Sacred Heart, research-proven practices for meaningful engagement are the cornerstone of purposefully orchestrated learning experiences in a dynamic curriculum provided to our students.  Our faculty employs routines for reasoning across disciplines, modeling, and developing critical thinking, and the intellectual and social skills characteristic of leaders.  Our faculty embodies the habits and attitudes of the growth mindset we strive to cultivate in our students, and our all-girls campus is the prime environment in which to do so.

The Sacred Heart Grand Coteau experience cultivates in our students the confidence and skills to solve problems and articulate innovative solutions that will ultimately have a positive impact on our world. 

When we consider the overarching goals of learning, the pinnacle accomplishment is creativity and innovation, consciously interwoven within content and process learning on our campus.  For example, as early as pre-primary, our students' creative skills and mindsets are being developed through play-based learning, extending to primary grades' Genius Hour innovations, preparatory Global Challenge Design for sustainability, and culminating with an exemplary Sacred Heart Honors' Program, exclusive to our region of the country.  Other unique learning experiences provide additional evidence to our commitment to Goal II.  The Academic Student Exchange program provides educational and cultural enrichment for our students, enabling them to participate in a rich learning encounter at a Sacred Heart Network school in the United States or abroad.  These Network exchanges have consistently proved to be reciprocally beneficial to student participants.

Everything our Sacred Heart educators do is centered on preparing students for a future with jobs that may not yet be created, aligned to Goal II, a deep respect for intellectual values.  As a member of the Sacred Heart Network of Schools, we are committed to this goal as one of the essential elements in the development of our students, and a fundamental expression of the Sacred Heart mission.

-Charlotte LaHaye, EdD, NBCT

Curriculum Coordinator

Charlotte LaHaye, EdD, NBCT
Curriculum Coordinator

Committed to
Goal II

A deep respect for intellectual values